Because we care about safety first, we are putting in large print what might typically be in the small print.

Please pay attention to the specific ways in which your friend or family member is coping with loss and grief. Use both your eyes and ears to listen and watch for possible warning signs. Physical and psychological safety are most important, which is why we state the following points:

  • Many types of loss--death, discovering an affair or infidelity, or any traumatic event, can create feelings of anxiety, sadness, depression, and even thoughts or acts of self-harm. See here for suicide risk factors and warning signs.
  • If you have any suspicion your loved one is in danger of self-harm, please help ensure they are connected with resources. Many are toll-free, available 24-hours a day, and confidential. One is listed below. 
  • Regarding relationships and loss--if you experiencing, or have any suspicion of domestic abuse for a loved one, there are also many resources for help. One is listed below.  
  • You can also contact:
    • Psychiatric hospital walk-in clinic
    • Hospital emergency room
    • Urgent care center/clinic