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About BWC

Beyond Words Co. went above and beyond to be thoughtful. Here’s how:



Our Products

Thoughtful and sensitive to various characteristics in the grief journey.



Simple Labels

Easily understood labels; preserving as much mental energy as possible.


Small Touches

Chewing gum can actually help ease anxiety and is the reason gum was selected for Box 2—versus the mints in other boxes.


Mindful of Caffeine

For example, as Box 1 promotes rest, the tea is caffeine-free. Green tea in Box 3 has caffeine for a bit of a boost.



Color Therapy

Each box reflects colors that comfort during times of grief.


Additionally, we support multiple women-owned and operated businesses. Our selected products are often made and handcrafted in the USA, sustainable, ecofriendly, responsibility sourced, and organic.


Our Packaging:

No thing left behind. All the products are meant to be eaten or used and to eventually disappear*—including the recycled box it comes in.

It isn’t that anyone ever forgets, but we tried not to leave any reminders on a shelf of “that one time I got a gift after something awful happened.” 

*Exception of a single item in each box to bring a soft touch of goodness and comfort (sleep mask, handkerchief, and hair band).


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Meet catherine

I've met loss and grief in some major ways, and suffice it to say, it wasn't fun. The way we met was through discovering infidelity in my marriage with a new baby at home. For months on end, it often felt like drowning in raw moments piling on top of one another in a more massive rip tide. I was able to come up for air only because of the supportive gestures of those around me—family, friends, and strangers alike. After returning to steady ground, I wanted to try and build on those amazing acts of kindness.

It’s why I’ve created Beyond Words Co.—a place filled with personal ways to support a friend, family member, or loved one whose world shattered. My education and career to-date has centered on keeping people safe from preventable healthcare harm and medical errors. While impossible to keep everyone safe from the complicated feelings that exist within grieving, my new goal is to keep people supported during the journey. 

Whatever the source of grief, for those hurting as deeply as I was, and some days still do, my hope is that you are lifted higher from those depths, find a moment of comfort you need, and discover the courage you have within to get through each hard day. A few pieces of wisdom that I kept as a mantra (or later learned I should have!):

  • Try not to make big decisions in times of immediate chaos. If you need to, lean on those around you to help.

  • Big emotions will come and go, you are NOT your emotion. Emotions are not fact, let them wave by and pass through.

  • You are beyond capable and you are beyond strong for this hard grief journey; if you don’t feel or believe in those strengths today (and many days you may not), others can help carry them for you.

  • Therapy is helpful. Any kind - individual, couples, family, or group. Showing up can be half the battle, but it's oh so important.

  • Trust in yourself, and be patient and compassionate with yourself through this journey.