Makers of Minnesota Podcast Features Beyond Words Co.

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ST. PAUL, Minn. – September 17, 2018 – Personal grief was the impetus for Catherine Hinz to create comfort boxes that go beyond words for people suffering a tough time. Beyond Words is the gift box company for when you aren’t quite sure what to do. (ep.107)

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New Gift Company Beyond Words Co. Presents a More Thoughtful Way to Support Grieving Friends

Beyond Words Co. helps provide loved ones more meaningful support in difficult times

ST. PAUL, Minn. – June 11, 2018 – A new Twin Cities-based startup offers a fresh take on providing comfort and support to loved ones experiencing grief and loss. Unlike traditional condolence gifts like flowers or greeting cards, Beyond Words Co. curates thoughtful gift boxes comprised of products that intentionally support the different stages of grief.

Founder Catherine Hinz developed Beyond Words Co. to offer a better way to comfort loved ones through losses and sorrows that are often difficult to discuss, including infidelity, infertility, divorce, pregnancy loss, new or progressive mental or medical diagnoses, traumatic accidents, or other crises.

Hinz said, “Our goal at Beyond Words Co. is to make it easier to provide meaningful support to those who are grieving. Grieving is not a short-term or one-size-fits-all process. Beyond Words Co. provides a unique avenue for friends and family to show their love while supporting the healing journey.”

Born from her own painful experience of discovering her husband’s infidelity and navigating divorce, Hinz realized there was a gap in how we support each other through deeply personal grief. It can be difficult for family and friends to find the right way to express care. Hinz states, “When helping a friend cope with sadness and personal struggles be it divorce, disease, or even in times of pregnancy loss or death, it’s time we explore opportunities to more holistically provide our loved ones with the comfort, nourishment, and rest that’s so needed.”  

Recognizing there are multiple phases of grief that ebb and flow over time, Hinz developed Beyond Words Co. to provide a range of gift boxes that begin with promoting calmness and rest during initial shock and disbelief through providing hope during the longer-term work of reorganizing one’s life in the midst of a new reality.

Gift boxes start at $54 for a Basic Box or $98 for a deluxe Beyond Box and are hand-packaged with a custom note from friends or family. Additionally, an insert card describes each product and its ingredients. Items are carefully selected to prioritize simple packaging, organic and sustainable ingredients, and avoid synthetic fragrances or preservatives. The gift box is recyclable and a majority of the products are meant to be eaten, used, or recycled so the recipient can benefit from the healing gift and move on without painful reminders of a difficult grieving period. Hinz concludes, “It isn’t that anyone ever forgets, but we tried not to leave any constant reminders on a shelf of “that one time I got a gift during tragedy in my life.”  To learn more, visit www.beyondwordsco.com.

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About Beyond Words Co.

Based in St. Paul, Minn., Beyond Words Co. is an alternative approach to supporting loved ones through grief and loss. Beyond Words Co. provides gift box options that intentionally support the different stages of grief. Founded on the premise that it’s time to go beyond traditional flowers and greeting cards, Beyond Words Co. provides natural and pure products to promote comfort, nourishment, and rest for those going through heartbreak and hard times. Beyond Words Co. supports multiple women-owned and operated businesses. Products are often made and handcrafted in the USA, sustainable, ecofriendly, responsibility sourced, and organic.


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